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  • Is their a on touch release. I want to say when a certain button/sprite is released. play animation, set height etc. I know their is a is touching and you can select which button, but when I invert that command it overrides everything else cause it always true. (That command is too strong for my purposes) Please help me Im looking for a similar input to keyboard: when key is released for the touch input.

    Thank you in advance the community is good here so i know somebody can help me

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  • You can make an instance variable that hold if its the selected object when you do the 'not touching ' but to also look for an instance whose instance variable is set to true. So is not touching and object instance variable equal true do this.

  • The Touch object has them, it just calls them "on end" triggers.

    You need to make the "on end" trigger, then test "is touching" after that trigger to know if it's the right one touched. It sounds like it wouldn't work because it's no longer being touched, but it does work for this very reason.

    here is the manual entry:

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