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  • Hi,

    I make an exercise for beginning readers. In this example, there are 6 sprites. 3 times 2 sprites on top of each other. Each sprite has a different instance variable (description). When I click on the right solution is there also a error because de second sprite under de upper sprite had a different description. How can I fix it?



    PS. I speak Dutch and used google to translate.

  • I didn't have time to install timeline object but I will take a shot in the dark...

    Is the problem that the one underneath gets selected when you click on the top one?

    If this is the case then put the bottom ones on a lower layer of their own, say a "solution" layer and the problem ones on a "problem" layer. This way only the top one will be selected and you can then hide it after its clicked or whatever to reveal the solution..

    A second way would be to make an invisible object where you want the solution to show and then simply spawn the solution sprite to that invisible object when its needed to be displayed...

  • Thanks. Have meanwhile found a solution. I have 100 objects divided into 3 columns. I gave every object 2 instant variables. (first 'description' different for each object)(second variable = all objects in the same colum the same second variable). When I click the top print of column 1 the 'description-variable' should be the same as the solution. The second variable gives only an error when when I click on the second or third column (because they have another variable). Then I destroy the top object and a new word appears. And so on ...

  • I understand now, did you get it working correctly?

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  • Hi, everything works perfectly. I also use in the exercise an external xml file. In a browser it works perfect. When I make an android app with cocoon js the words that are reading in the xml file don't work.

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