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  • If I have a project with Mouse and Touch and I enable Mouse for a Sprite but not Touch, or the other way around Touch but not Mouse will they cross over?

    If I have Mouse only on a Sprite and its Touched will it still react?

    I am using triggers to activate the Sprites for building basic custom buttons and I would like some things Touch only and some Mouse only.

    I don't have a Touch screen to test on yet and so far it seems everything I set to Touch will accept Mouse... That's OK but I'd really like to lock down Touch to a few items for interaction, the rest Mouse and I'm hoping that by simply not building Touch triggers for the Sprites that I can achieve this.

    The manual and other information I've found was a little vague on how this might work...


  • Hi goblynn93,

    Not sure I fully understand why you'd want to only have some objects with a touch input (how will the user access the other parts of the app when on a touch device)?

    I don't think there's any way to lock the touch input for specific objects. So you may just have to include different inputs (touch/mouse) for different objects, within your code.

    There may be another way to do what you want, but I haven't come across it yet!

    Edit: I'd be inclined just to go for touch (with mouse inputs), unless you absolutely must have separate options for different objects.

    Hope that helps you a little :)

  • I am building an interactive screen for a kiosk. The main user interactivity is all Touch but there are certain Sprites that will open up Admin menus. I am hoping to make those Sprites open the menus on Mouse Click but *not* touch. I want to be able to set options with the mouse, close my admin stuff, and take the mouse leaving the user with Touch only thus locking them out of the admin screens...

    I am sure there are other ways to do this and this might not even work but if it does it would be a very simple way for me to secure access to the admin areas.

    Thanks for the reply I hope this makes my needs clearer...

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  • goblynn93,

    Using separate inputs for different objects, should achieve what you want. You can have touch inputs which also recognise mouse inputs, but it doesn't work the other way around. So your users should not be able to gain access to the admin panels (once you remove the mouse).

    Good luck, I hope it works for you.

  • That's perfect. And exactly what I was hoping for... Touch will accept Mouse by default but Touch has to be specified before it will work even if Mouse is used. I guess that's the clearest way to lay it out.

    Thanks for the help! Without a touch screen to test with I was guessing (and hoping!).

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