How do I Touch Like A Mouse Click?

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  • I've read the manual. Touch input can simulate a mouse click, if the property is set.

    I did it, but somehow it didn't work. I want to "touch" simulate a click on a button.

    I've tested using: is touching object, on tap, on tap object, but no luck.

    What have I missed?


    I've tested to touch a sprite, it works. But not for a button.

  • The Button object already registers both mouse clicks and touch if you use the "On clicked" condition, no need for the Touch object.

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  • Hi. I am looking for something similar to simulate a click. I dont need to register if something was clicked, I need to let the app click on an object even if the user did not click.

    I need this for my latest "The Escapists Companion App" when running on Xbox One (snapped in Internet Explorer). There is a Searchbox where you can search for crafting recipes but when I use "Set Focus" to the input object it only puts the cursor there but does not show the onscreen keyboard until you press the A button on your gamepad. So I need to simulate pressing the A Button/clicking on the input object to show up the onscreen keyboard to let the users search immediately when they Hit the X Button (used to set focus right now).

    Is this possible?

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