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  • Hello

    I need help

    In Editor mode, i can touch individual object that overlap but when running, with one touch all objects that overlap are touched.

    How to make only individual object that i touch are touched?

    I'm making that the object i touch is destroyed. Currently when i touch one overlaping object, all of them are destroyed :(

    <img src="" border="0" />

    what i want is, when i touch the top-most object, the object under it should not get destroyed.

    Thanks for any replies :D

  • +touch | on object touched

    +object| pick top most instance

    destroy object

    the condition is near the bottom.. under Z order

  • thanks, i have done that and it works but only for multiple copies of one object.

    so using the picture on 1st post, it only works if i stack multiple green bars.

    I can destroy the green bars one by one. Unfortunately the blue circle under green bars also got destroyed in the same time.

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  • ah right,

    in that case, you can put all the touch-destroyable objects in a family and then just redo the events for the family so its just..

    touch|on family touched

    family|pick top most instance

    destroy family

  • wow keepee it WORKS :D

    thanks a lot

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