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  • Hey guys!

    I'm developing a small adventure game for iPad. Currently most of the main logic is programmed, except the main character movement.

    I wanted the character movement in a similar way to this game (except that it will be in 2D): Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery (see it on the App Store/Youtube please, I can't paste URL's yet)

    Things that I pretending to do:

    1. The character must move only horizontally;

    2. The character will move only if the user is swiping left or right;

    Could someone please help me with it? Maybe explaining me the logic or supplying me a .CAPX?

    I'm a Illustrator/Graphic Designer, and this is my first game. I still learning programming

    Thanks for any help and sorry for any English mistakes.



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  • Use 8-direction movement behavior and change its properties (in layout view when sprite w/ behavior attached is selected) to left/right. Now simply have the swipe event (see fruit ninja tutorial for swiping) "simulate control" move left/right.

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