How do I only touch and drag the sprite on top?

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  • Hi there. This may be a n00b question, but I am struggeling with this particular problem.

    I have a pile of sprites on top of each other. When I use mouse it works fine, but when I move over to a pad or phone it behaves differently. When I touch and hold for example sprite1 that is on top of sprite2 and sprite3, I will hold and drag all 3 of the sprites. How do change this so it is only possible to touch and drag one sprite at a time??

    Update: The touch controls work fine on IOS, but not on Android...

    Thanks for any replies.

  • Add "Pick top" to the event

    Object > Pick Top/Bottom > Top

  • Thank you so much. Will give it a try and post back if it solved the problem.

  • This works if the sprites are the same. It does not work when it is different sprites. How do I select the top most of different sprites?

    Please help.


  • Maybe you could merge the objects to just one object and work with diffrent frames so they look diffrent. "pick top" would work in that case but I don't know if you can do that. Depends on your project structure.

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  • Great suggestion, but that would not work. I find It strange that everything works great on IOS, but not on android. I read somewhere that Android behaves differently depending on if its a web application (HTML5) or a APK file. Is that true?

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