How do I have 2 touch controls?

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  • Hi all,

    I am trying to make game with controls for desktops and touch screens. I have desktop controls for what I have in place, but touch is giving me trouble. I want to have controls for thumbs in the bottom corners of the game. The right one is for aiming and firing, and the left is for movement. So far the movement controls work as expected. However, the aiming/firing controls seem to move when the player moves. I tried to anchor the controls but it didn't seem to help. I will attach the game file and hopefully you can see what I mean. [attachment=0:2zlhmaaq][/attachment:2zlhmaaq]

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  • Your .capx seems to use rather complex events for doing rather simple things.

    I suggest you open examples you can find in Construct 2 templates and give a look at how the virtual controls work.

  • I found a good tutorial before and decided to take a look again. I was able to get what I was looking for by changing the .capx I found by jayderyu in their tutorial Touch Stick Controllers (sorry can't post links yet ). Here is a .capx of my desired controls and the original .capx with 4 different controls that are similar. The main difference I was trying to get was movement with one control and aiming with another.

    My butchering of the original by jayderyu:


    And the original by jayderyu:


    Hope this helps others that might want similar controls

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