Touch Control Activation [solved]

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  • [EDIT/TLDR: The problem was actually the default web browser on my mobile phone; installing chrome fixed the problem]

    I have a large invisible button that covers the whole screen.

    When the player touches anywhere on the screen, it should remove this button and enable touch controls.

    See below:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    However when I access this on my Android, nothing happens when I touch the screen, hell the game doesn't even load the Player Character.

    Everything works fine on the computer from the Dropbox link.

    Dropbox link:


    I was following the tutorial at:

    But many things weren't clear,

    eg "use the Touch object. Set its Use mouse input property to Yes"

    I have added this object but I cannot see where to edit it's properties.

    It does not appear in the 'Layout 1 Object List' and it is no longer in the 'Add Object View' either..

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    [EDIT: I just tried clicking the mouse button, and it seems that this Object option is already activated somehow (though I would still like to know where to find it), Everything also works as intended with clicking the screen once to activate the controls and the controls themselves work fine as well with the mouse, it just seems that on my phone nothing works at all..]

    [EDIT2: Looks like it is just a problem with my phone. My friend (the artist lol)reports no problems when playing from her phone; curious that it would work differently on 2 different phones]

    [EDIT3: I installed the Chrome web browser on my phone and it works great, albeit a little laggy; it looks like the default HTC/Android browser was just incompatible with the game, I'm happy to either remove this or leave it here as a reference to others..]

  • As you've noticed mouse clicks register as Touch as well, so it may be more effective to, instead of using that touch box, use Is On Mobile Device found inside the System conditions.

    Assuming the goal here is to make the game function differently for mobile devices than computers, while working on either.

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  • use Is On Mobile Device found inside the System conditions

    Ok, thanks, this must've been added after the other tut was written.

    I've read the manual in places but I guess I should read it some more; I just wish it had more pictures and examples <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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