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  • I have a project which has some sprintes as buttons (e.g. bt_buy)

    I was using the mouse, i.e.

    Mouse-> on left button clicked on bt_buy -> ...

    This worked on PC not not on all mobiles.

    so I changed mouse clicked to "Touch -> Is touching bt_buy" and set "use mouse input" to Yes.

    But now when I click on my buy button in a browser with the mouse, it registers about 20 button press events!

    How do I support either clicking on a button in a browser with the mouse, or tapping the finger with a mobile, without incuring many taps, only one?

    What should I be using:

    1) is in touch

    2) on touch end

    3) on touched object

    4) is touching object

    5) on toutch start?

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  • Tried them all, and "on touched Object" coupled with "Use mouse input" property = yes seems to work.   The manual page descriptions of these events didnt mean anything to me, so could not go by that.

  • Have you closely read how events work ?.

    By seeing that "On object touched" is a triggered condition, and that it kind of sounds like "On object clicked" for the Mouse, it probably was the way to go.

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