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  • Hey all,

    Is it possible to have system insert tilemaps into an active layout?

    I'm trying out a complex infinite jumper that loads pre-made platforming level designs on top of an active layer and move those down every tick.

    I'm not sure how to imagine this to work...

    pseudo e.g.:

    On start of layout

    pick random tilemap (pre-drawn platform level)

    >>> set tilemap to layout.Y - tilemapheight

    move tilemap down 1px every tick


    is it possible to load parts of other non-active layouts into a current layout?


    I make 1 active layout that is loaded on start and have, say, 10 other layouts with level structures drawn into it.

    When the active layout starts system picks 3 random(*,*)

    When picked, the numbers correspond to an inactive layout and those are loaded and placed above the active layout screen and moved down every tick.

    Thanks for reading!

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