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  • So i have this thing in where you get hit you loose some items and don't pick them up the start flashing after 2 secs and disappear after 9 secs exept they don't flash the objects in questions have 30 frames and run at a speed of 15.5 frames could someone please help

    (and yes i used the command to start flashing)

  • Why not have a timer variable?

    Something like:

    local (timer) : initial value (9)

    Is object Visible?


    every 1.0 second : subtract (1) from (timer)

    local (timer) </= 7 : flash (or play "flash" animation)*

    local (timer) = 0 : destroy

    *The 30 frames sound very superfluous, unless each frame is doing something different. Is it a flashing animation? If so, see above.

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  • Emperor Ing

    I'm not very good with timers... if its not too much trouble could you post a capx. that would really kelp

    The 30 frames are to make the object rotate on the z axis not flashing

    (Couldn't help but read your post in what i imagine Dr Willy's voice to b e )

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