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  • I purchased Construct2 a few years back and am trying to put it back on my computer.

    I went to my downloads and it was listed there with a redeem code. I used the redeem code and it said that it had already been used. I then went to the place they sent me and there were three options Upgrade, redeem and support, ( I think) I tried all of those and still had no option to activate the product.

    How do I activate the program so I can make a game?

    EDIT: Never mind. I read the manual and found out. Thanks for bearing with me.


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  • On the store page you will see on the left hand side below "Sale items" a section that says "Your Downloads" (if you are logged in to the forums)

    Click that, then click the "download button" under "personal license" on the right hand side.

    When Construct 2 starts up, there's a button that allows you to import your license file that you just downloaded (or simply put it in the same root folder where you installed Construct and it will find it when it starts up.

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