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  • Hello,

    I am new here and not familiar with construct 2 so any tutorial, link or advice would help alot....All I wish to make for a beginning is simple piano. Well I managed and I was successful to create keys(buttons) which I can push with my mouse But now I would like to programme piano to play some song on itself and after that person who play it to repeat that song. If player guess he go to next song but if he don't he must repeat melody.

    I apologize on my English and I hope I was clear enough what I wish to make, and hope You can give me some dirrection's or link which can be helpful.


  • I would suggest that you go through the tutorials, even though you might not have an interest in making those particular things. It will teach you the basics that you need.

    If you just read certain things specific to what you want to make, I think you will confuse yourself more than it will help you. Because those will require that you at least know the basics.

    1. Learn the basic way C2 execute a program.

    2. Learn what objects are and how to use them.

    3. Learn how to pick objects and variables

    4. Learn how to use Loops

    5. Learn functions

    6. Learn how to play sounds.

    7. Make you piano

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  • Hi,

    Welcome to Construct 2! Your English are totally fine.

    I made this capx example files for less than 10 minutes. It's not the best and most efficient way, but it will give you the right idea: ... piano.capx

    Don't hesitate to ask. Hope this helps

  • Thanks to both of you very much...both post are very helpful

    Nimos, I will try to learn all that, and thank you for giving me direction on what I need to pay my attention.

    Jourdan, thank you for your time and effort to send me actual file Now I can see how that file can look like...

  • nimos100 wonderful advice keep up the good work

  • Jourdan,

    Thank you so much on this example you gave me.. it was perfect!!! I needed whole day to repeat every step you made and to "understand" it all, but now I was successful and I can implement that on my project very easily...

    Now I hope you can help me with one more thing...

    It is same thing on piano, but this time I would like to know how to make piano buttons to play for themselves, in another words I don't wish to know which piano button will be pushed first-- on your example you gave values 3, 5, 1 to be played.. but this time I would like to know- how to make program to choose on itself which button will be pushed first ..something like u try to make tombola,lotto or slots (unknown values)

    Again I hope that I don't asking to much and that you understand what I' am asking.

    Thank you again!

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