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  • I'm trying to make a Inventory now that uses one object to display everything. Only I put different "types" or item in different Animations. Each Item is going to be a Different frame in that Animation. You will notice in the .capx that I tried to do something with it. By giving the object instance variables that are suppose to goto an array, and then make the object display in the "Inventory" On screen. Any help would be appreciated. i think I'm on the right track with it. I'm just doing something wrong. My .capx is a little disorganized. Because I have been trying different things, and just disabling things so I can test other things. Just to find what will work. I ultimately want an inventory that I can pick stuff uop, and drop it etc. But also be able to "select" things and use them. But I'm open to ideas. I'm just completely stumped at this, and have been for weeks with this inventory system.

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  • Is no one capable of this?

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