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  • hi folks, i was wondering if it was possible to create a "Rebelstar/Laser squad" style turn based game using construct? this was my all time fave game when using the spectrum in my youth...i remember a few of my friends and i would sit around the speccy and have a competition (kind of like a league table) and play each other at Rebelstar for hours...Happy days , ive been using construct R2 for a few weeks now just trying to find my way around the basics but would love to hear some advice or tips on how this could be possible. thanx

  • How far we have come since 1992...

    Yes, it is possible to make such a game using Construct2 (and Construct2 is probably best option). That said, it will require quite a bit of learning on your part: Isometric or top down, hand made grid or array grid, turn based actions, enemy AI, multiplayer or local turns, etc, etc.

    I would recommend starting small and make a single top down level of a similar gameplay.. dungeon crawler etc, using editor art (aka stick figures) and if you get it working then you will be in a better place to decide if your ready to tackle such a project.

  • Thank you chrisinfinger.. your advice is very much appreciated

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  • Stevie2014 Rebelstar is probably my all time fave game. The tactical squad based game just blew my mind. I have attempted recreating it 2-3 times. Once reasonably successful. I was going to make it it with C2 but I ran into some simple problems that I wasn't able to adequately resolve. While I love C2 it can be a pain to use when your project increases in size.

    My suggestion make a proof of concept first. i.e.,

    spread out a few soldiers vs robots. Can you make the soldiers move? Can you finish a "turn" and have the robots do their action? Can you create opportunity fire.

    If you have those fundamentals then the rest is easier.

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