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  • i'm creating a wave type game for each wave i want to add an enemy for example wave 1/1 enemy which is fine but for wave 2/2 enemies wave 3/3 enemies wave 4/4 enemies and so on how do i do this without programming each wave seperate.

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  • 1. Put a better description on your thread (change the subject/title to something a bit more descriptive) or you will get a lot of people who don't have time to read every post that won't even click on it.

    2. The easiest way is to use variables to set the enemies health, speed, etc... then in each wave, just set the variables to the number of the wave or some number related to it.

  • Thanks blue but in beginners terms?

  • Take a look at the manual on instance variables. Create instance variables for health, speed and anything else you want to change for each wave. Then in your events when you spawn the enemies you can do something like this: spawn object (Enemy), Set Enemy.Health = wave, Set Enemy.Speed = wave*10.

    Things like that. If this isn't making much sense, I highly recommend going through the manual and also going through some of the tutorials as they cover most of this as well. Also check out some of the built in examples that come with C2 like the space shooters etc... that get harder as you go. I have to go to bed, hope this helps.

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