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  • Hey there , me and a team are trying to create a tower defence game , we are trying to implement a wave system which we have the basis for but have no idea how to spawn a certain number of enemies from different groups all of which are in one family , all i need to know is how to create the system that will spawn the certian types in specific numbers? , also should i put the different classifications of enemies in different families or keep them in one family?

  • ryand444 - I know families are powerful and you can do some neat things with them. You could probably go the multiple family route to make this work and still keep a super-family group that has all enemies so you can just do one collision detection.

  • any idea on how this would work any where i could find some tutorials or tips , i know im asking allot but my self i don' t know much about programming and i could use all the help i can get and thank you once again.

  • Can you try the repeat event? for example if you want 5 enemies you can use an index from 1 to 5 and have the actions set to spawn the enemies, for different enemies, maybe you can have different enemies on the same sprite but under different animations, when created based on a certain condition Play animation "name" from beginning.

    I dont know if this would work but inside my head it sounds reasonable =0)

  • that's kind of what we have set up at the moment , we have it so that it spawns the enemies until it reaches a certian number 10 choosing randomly from a pool of enemies each with their own sprites and animations in a famliy , what we want to do is to be able to control how many of what type is spawned each wave , i hope this is a better explanation.

  • First image is to spawn X number of enemies using only one object with enemies as different animations, second image with different objects.

  • brilliant! , shinkan thank you very much , i will give this a go and see what happens it looks like it could be what we need.

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  • hey again , i have tried to put the functions into the game , it seems to work fine and allows us to control the number of each type , however at the moment it doesn't seem to be understanding a pattern of functions it just spawns wave 2's instructions instead of 1 regardless of how i change it , is there any way to tell the game to follow them as instructions for each wave rather than every wave that would be very helpfull , im sorry if i haven't explained this correctly and thanks for your time.

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