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  • Hi, I recently used a plugin for construct 2. the plugin was 'car physics' to enabled side view physics into a car. It all works fine until I compile with Ludei's cocoonjs. I try to run the car and get errors associated with the car physics.

    As follows are the error code I receive on cocoonjs lancher:

    JavaScript Exception ( Tag:'requestAnimationFrame'): TypeError: undefined is not a function

    at behinstProto.CreateSideViewCarPhysicsInstance (c2runtime.js:35778:26)

    at acts.CreateSideViewCarPhysicsInstance (c2runtime.js:35709:304)

    at Action.run_object (c2runtime.js:14174:10)

    at EventBlock.run_actions_and_subevents (c2runtime.js:13657:38)

    at (c2runtime.js:13630:9)

    at Runtime.executeSingleTrigger (c2runtime.js:10919:10)

    at Runtime.triggerOnsheetForTypeName (c2runtim

    Does any people out there know a way around this? or know the problem?

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