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  • Hi there guys...just bought C2 Personal last night, Woohoo!! Was comparing Stencyl and C2 for a few weeks before I made my decision and C2 won me over. Just need a little help with something though, not sure what happened. Had a little tester game going last night with a space background, asteroid sprites spawning, and score on top of screen, super basic. Before I went to bed last night I saved and pressed F5 and it was running perfectly. Now this morning I press F5 and the background or sprites aren't showing up in the Chrome preview. In the debugger I see that it is running exactly as it should, including the global variable incrementing and sprite count on screen showing correctly in the debugger, everything perfect I said, no background or sprite images showing up...just a clear white background and the score up top showing. I see my global variable changing with sprite event, showing me that they are actually spawning, but images are not showing. I saw another post about clearing Chrome browser cache when images don't load up on preview but that didn't work for me or maybe I did it wrong? I reinstalled C2 and reloaded up, same thing. I made new project just to put a sprite on the new layout to see if it showed up in preview...nope. So I'm thinking it's the browser but how can I make the images show up again in preview? Gracias a bunch in advance guys.

    Just in case...I'm using-

    Windows 7 updated

    chrome updated

  • You have mutliple layout ou your projects and you are running the wrong at start ! Select the right layout then press F5 !

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  • Hi there. I only have one layout called Asteroid Level 1. I clicked it and pressed F5 and I get white background, score at top, no images.

  • Hm, can you attach your capx ?

  • Do you still experience the same issue when using the built-in examples/templates?

  • Hi guys. I was about to attach the .capx file but first I tried opening the sample space blaster sample game as suggested and it showed normally. Then I closed it and reopened my own file and now everything shows in the Chrome preview as it did last night?? So weird....!!! Anyways, thanks for the help buddies. Everything is now A OK!!! Woohoo! I think this C2 program is actually more fun than playing games IMO. Haha! Take care!!

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