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  • hi

    how make are text and texbox word mean quiz?

    first question1 start with text name.

    text for question texbox for answer.


    texbox compare textbox "answer1" for first text name("question1")

    and text - set text new question2..3,4,5,6,7......

    but a little while

    write in texbox again answer1 text not stop new(end) question and text go question2

    how is limit in texbox words(for once) OR the text question make always new question(to take hold new(and) question in text)

    how is write event?

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  • Comparing text in a text box is almost impossible.

    You would be better off making it a multiple choice quiz.

    Set a text box like this:

    Text "What color is the sky?"

    Text "A=Blue B=Green C=Yellow"


    Global Variable RightAnswer=0 WrongAnswer=0

    On keyboard A key pressed set RightAnswer =1

    On Keyboard B pressed WrongAnswer =1

    On Keyboard C pressed WrongAnswer =1

    On RightAnswer =1 go to next question

    Something like that.

  • thank lamar but i want use only text with texbox. i want write answer words in touch one key no selecting game

    how stop again words in text?

    i aim stop the repeat in text words.text to stop end question and with answer text go to new old question

  • Can we cancel the previous condision or action on the after one condision(example:previous condision with action disabled?????or same second answer1 word is written subtrack in textbox and newline)??????

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