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  • hi there ive got a family which ive added variables to but when i change layouts the variables disappear, im not sure why the objects are presistant even tho when i debug it says object gets deleted and recreated. why is it doing this and is there a way around this? all my family has is about 8 variables per object

    Thanks for the help

  • Adding a capx may get you better help.

  • hi there thanks for replying. i would show it but its a project ive been working on for the last year so i dont really wanna reveal any of it sorry . if it helps ive done another debug creating 3 objects under the same family which is 3 individual objects but share same family. and when you change layout the go back all variables on those objects get reset back to 0.

    i read somewhere about making variables static but i havent been able to find that in family properties

  • Well, if you're worried about someone stealing your idea, don't. The chances are slim to none.

    I've been working on mine for several months, it's a chance i'll take, albeit a slim one, to get better help with it.

    Just take a screenshot of the logic in question and post that. It's a start.

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  • The behaviour is normal. You can make your objects global or store and restore the data. It depends on what you are doing.

  • thanks for the replies. i never knew objects could be made global. thanks alot that solved my problem

    quick question now the object is global it will show on each layout, other then setting invisible is there another way to hide the objects or is it because my layouts have same layers e.g. i use names instead of numbers. or is it gunna show regardless unless i set invisable

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