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  • Hey guys I am not sure whether many of you have played games like this but I am assuming you have. Have you played point and click adventures. Say the whole screen is what you see. No scrolling, only doors you go though so just the layout with an arena. you spawn, click on the enemies, you character battles the enemies then if you beat the enemy you get a key. A game like bit dungeon. How would you go about creating a game like this. If you need more details I can elaborate. Anybody know how you would go about this :)

    Peace x

  • Title is misleading. From what I saw of Bit Dungeon on YT, it's not a point and click adventure, not that that matters. Are the enemies random on each screen? An array would be used for each "screen", connecting the doors etc. The enemies, if random, would probably be spawned based on your current level. It could be procedurally generated to an extent.

    Ugh I'm still tripping out over my WTF post. hmmm I wonder what they put in my pizza 'cause it's only been since I had that!

  • I agree this is not a point and click adventure.

    Check out games of Kings Quest, Space Quest, Maniac Mansion, Curse of Monkey Island, Sam and Max. These are point and click adventures.

    Bit Dungeon looks like The Legend of Zelda. Which is more of a topdown action adventure game. Yes I've seen some Zelda'esque games around.

    Actually a game like this basics is pretty easy. I suggest checking up on some tutorials :)

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  • Thanks guys, I have changed the topic so its less misleading. While going about making an adventure like this would you use a large tiled background of say all the rooms then add collision masks for walls and events to quickly fade out move screen fade in etc? I will go have a look at some of the tutorials. :)

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