Top down view as in The Binding of Isaac object Z order.

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  • Hello! I am creating top down view dungeon game like The binding of Isaac or Enter the Gungeon and wanted to ask is there any plugin or trick to compare object Z order with it's X coordinate?

  • Hello, I've done the exact same kind of game as the binding of Isaac not long time ago, so I could help you with that.

    I just understand what exactly you're trying to do, can you try to be more specific or give an example?

  • Example: you are standing behind the door sprite and then going through and now standing in front of it. So your sprite was under the door and now on it.

  • What if, when your character 'Y' is higher than your door sprite 'Y', bring the door in front.

    When the character 'Y' is lower than the door sprite 'Y', bring the character to the front.

    You can try to do that with a family and include all the objects that you want to function the same way

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  • I thought about this but I must do it with every object including projectiles, enemies, walls, doors and etc. And there would be situations when you must stand on door but behind enemy.

  • There is a system event called For each (ordered). It will arrange a family in ascending or descending order by it's Y value - family.Y with the condition move family to top of layer.

  • Thanks a lot! It's just thing I needed!

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