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  • Hello

    I am developing a game of vision from above and I have a problem that I have broken my head and I still have not found a solution

    The tree is in layer 1 and the character in the layer above when it is below the avore is correct but when it is behind the tree it seems that it is on top of it as seen in the image if someone knows how to solve this or some way of looking He is behind the tree, please say

    The world is randomly generated (Translated into google translator, I'm Brazilian )

    sorry for quality of the image

  • The trees can be separated into two parts, the foliage, and the trunk.

    The green foliage can be placed on a top layer and have nothing else done to them.

    The brown trunks will need to be sorted when the player moves in front of them.

    Using the system z sorter place all of them, and the player into a family, and give the family a variable.

    Make an event that sets the variable to the family y axis .

    Then use the system sort z order using that family variable.

  • I tried doing on a similar system but many bugs without explanation

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  • There should be a few examples of the system z sort if you search the forum.

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