Top down physics?

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  • Hi,

    I'm making a game that is played from an overhead angle.

    The way it works is the screen scrolls vertically and you move forward

    (i.e upward on the screen) as it scrolls.

    Much of the game is making the player run into the 'ball' and i want the ball to bounce around the screen, bouncing off the walls using physics.

    The only problem is that when i use physics the object just falls straight off the bottom of the screen because construct thinks down vertically on my screen is the down axis in my game(Which like i said, is a top down game)

    So hopefully that was clear enough,

    I was wondering if anybody knew

    a way of changing the direction 'gravity' is supposed to go in or even faking it in some way?

    Thanks, Paul.

  • Paul, this is a simple solution:

    Add event:

    System / at the start of layout -- Your physics object / Set world gravity 0

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  • Is that really all that it requires? If i was to apply force to that object towards a certain direction then it would still move in that direction using the proper physics behaviour?

    Thanks, Paul.

  • I tried it before but it didn't work because i hadn't set my player object up as a physics object, it works great now, thanks! :)


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