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  • Hi everyone,

    I tried searching for this, and was surprised that I couldn't really find anything. I just want a way of implementing a moving platform for a top-down game, to fit with the 8-direction behaviour.

    I have attached my first attempt in a test capx here:

    TopDownTest (Dropbox)

    So this test works, sort of. It's all OK, except for one issue: when you are on a platform that is moving along the Y axis, moving the player left or right doesn't quite work (with the same issue on a platform moving in X).

    I was thinking that I need to set the Y vector to something like max(player.vectorY,platform.dy) but that would only work when the platform was moving down, plus I'd have to do the same in the x axis and then I'd struggle when the platform was moving diagonally. It is annoying that setting the player 8direction xvector to the platform custom movement dx doesn't make the player move at the same rate as the platform!

    Basically I'm not clever enough, so any ideas would be appreciated

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  • Just in case anyone else ever searches for this, I managed to solve it myself. I suspect this method is a very inefficient brute force solution, so if anyone has a better one let me know.

    New link is below, it needs some variables to make it easy to edit, but it does the job as a starting point.


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