How do I make top down dinosaur AI?

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  • Hello! I just got Construct 2 and I must say,its genius!I decided what game I wanted to make,found examples, and made a story.However,when I started development I ran into a stump.

    How do I make top down dinosaur AI?

    What I want?

    1.dinosaurs charging you when you get near them.

    2.dinosaurs being able to wander and go to certain places.

    I got my inspiration from Dinosystem.

    Although,i wanted to make a dinosaur survival game long before I knew about it.

    Can someone give me any clues as to how to do this?


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  • i suggest you try the beginner tutorials out first to get a better understanding of everything though.

    but to make the dinosaur do something when he gets within a certain distance of the player

    compare 2 values - > distance(dinosaur.x, dinosaur.y, player.x, player.y) < 100 -> (action) insert whatever you want the dinosaur to do here once the distance of the dinosaur is less then 100 units in this case

  • OK.Thanks so much!I have already done the beginner tutorials and made a few games.I just didnt have much experience with top down games.


  • mcclou03, justifun is right about the 'compare two variables' way of doing things. Regarding the roaming, try having your dinosaurs walk forwards, then at random intervals change their angle. That way they'll randomly amble around the map.

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