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  • I have this idea, there is this huge cube with rooms in it. If the player gets to the edge, the cube rotates and there are more rooms. In one of the rooms there is a grate that lets you go down a level, deeper into the cube. How would I make/code so that the cube works like that and it randomly generates whats inside of the rooms?

    Thanks, Terraria

  • Sir , We are not here to make you a game !

    Try by yourself first and if you get stuck , we'll help you ...

  • Whiteclaws

    It's okay to ask for global directions, he's not asking to code the whole game for him...

    Btw nice idea, I loved the "Cube" movie

  • I am brand new to coding, no idea what language either. That is why I'm just asking for some tips or some lessons maybe to help me make my game.

  • Do the tutorials and read the forums. You need to get the basics before you ask very generalized questions. There is no language, you don't have to write any code. You just use events and actions. Go through the beginner tutorials will give you enough to start asking more specific questions.

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  • Wow, Whiteclaws, no wonder people here don't consider you a people person. He just asked for an idea on how to do something.

    Terraria, what you are asking for is pretty complex. It's a good idea to start off a little smaller. The rotating is pretty tough, as it requires distorting of sprites, etc. Moving through levels is easier, but still not the easiest thing.

  • AnD4D , I'm sorry if I sounded rude for you , but that's what the rules say ,

    He should try it by himself before asking !

  • Ashley and Tom,

    This is an open request to have Whiteclaws banned from the forums for good.

    He has not complied with members requests to behave with civility.

  • Val,

    I'm afraid I counter your request. I do not believe English is Whiteclaws' first language... not sure if that's right. Maybe he honestly doesn't know how blunt and patronising he sounds. He sounds harsh, but means well. I've seen Whiteclaws help many people over the last year, and can imagine many people not getting help over the next year if he's banned.

  • Sorry Andy,

    But white claws actually has a very firm grip on the English language. He is also very aware that his attitude is offending people. Despite being warned he still persists. That's quite sweet that you are so forgiving, however new forum members may not be as forgiving as you. They may be offended, and they may never come back. This is no time in this software's phase of development to be chasing off customers. I'd suggest that if he wants to stay he can simply answer peoples questions yet leave his sarcastic commentary and his exclamation points to his self.

  • Not to sound patronising or anything, but banning a paying customer is kind of immoral (IMHO).

  • hey

    first, welcome to forum man, sorry my bad english (im brazilian).

    your idea is great, if u want enter in a game creator world, usind this doors ( scirra) you shold learn, about construct 2, read tutorials, get examples, trying, creating capx. post your doubts, and so you will get a help fast, share ideas and request help is all you need to begin, ill advise you, is not easy, but here, you will get all help you need ever, because we have the real best users on net. sure.

    sorry if i told a lot of words and no soch codes or a example, but im trying to help, and the manual has somes answers for you.

  • I do not mind your English, I had no trouble reading it and that is also to others that have led me to the tutorials because I'm starting to get the hang of Construct 2. I will post more on this thread when I need more help. Thanks!

  • Hey Terraria;

    What you're asking for is actually pretty simple, as from a gameplay standpoint you have no real mechanics! The cube rotating is easy to pull off with a layout to layout transition in the form of an animation; to do this you'd have to spend 5 minutes learning isometric drawing, but luckily cubes are the easiest shape!

    Likewise the depth effect is easy enough as an animated transition, maybe mess around with the WebGL effects?

    For random generation your best bet will be reading up on tile-maps and arrays.

    What you really need to do is get your gameplay down, what will the players have to do to advance?

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