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  • I'm trying to create a top down puzzle game, and one of the objects is supposed to be a block that the player can push.

    This block has to block movement, and be pushed at the player's maxspeed until it hits something it cannot move through

    I have tried many different ways but nothing really works. What's causing most of the issue is the player, upon collision, stops movement. Well that and a few other issues.

    So for a top down puzzle game with a pushable block, do you have any ideas how I could impliment it?

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  • I had this old example lying around, should cover pretty much all you need:


  • Hmm, seems so much smoother in yours, but you are also dealing with larger objects and slower speeds.

    Well I got it using manual input. I really wanted it to know when the player is moving and not obstruct the player so I didn't have to code "If "Down" is down" and such. Guess making a small resolution retro style game is a bit difficult in C2 atm :P.

    Well it works for now, thanks for the help :3

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