How come toggling solids doesn't cause my player to drop?

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  • If I have my player standing on a solid, and I toggle the solid behavior off, why does my player not immediately fall through? My player will just float in the air until they jump and 'collide' with the formerly solid object. I want my character to be able to stand on an object and then when solid is toggled to off for them to immediately fall through. Even if I just have a player stand on the object in debug mode and then disable 'solid' the player doesn't fall through it until I jump.

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  • yes! it is a known issue with platform behavior.

    2 ways I know to work past this issue is add physics gravity or add on collision destroy a thin gap block and have fall through set on collision and set invisible or destroy the real block.

  • I believe it's not a bug, it's a feature! ;P But seriously, it could be developed that to save some CPU. Anyway have you tried to set your player's Y position -1pixel together with disabeling solid behaviour? I believe it will do the trick and will look totally natural.

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