How do I toggle objects depending on a variable.

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    I am trying to figure out how to toggle the "MENU BACKGROUND" object between the "areaMenuBlue" and areaMenuPurple" based on what question is being displayed.

    (i.e. areaMenuBlue - Question 1 / areaMenuPurple - Question 2 and so on. )

    I feel like this should be something very easy, but I can't seem to get my head around it any help is appreciated.

  • Create a global variable called Question with number value:

    System> Question=1 > menu_1 set visible

    _______________________>menu_2 set invisible

    _______________________>menu_3 set invisible

    System> Question=2 > menu_2 set visible

    ______________________ >menu_1 set invisible

    _______________________>menu_3 set invisible

    System>Question=3 > menu_3 set visible

    ______________________>menu_1 set invisibl2

    _____________________ >menu_2 set invisible

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  • Thank you! I've moved onto other parts of the project.

    But will be going back to that.

    I'll post if I have any issues or if it worked here in a couple of days.

    Thanks again!

    Updated Link:

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