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  • Hi ...

    How can I make a url call too pick and image from server depending

    of the DATE .. lest says haveing 12 folders on server..

    and images 01-31



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  • you can use rex_date plugin to get Day&Month

    (or you can use Browser object and ExecJs..)

    so...if you have folder1,folder2...folder5...etc

    and pic1.png,pic2.png..pic12.png..etc

    you need to set url to something like this

    ""&Date.Month&"/pic"&Date.Date&".png"[/code:2idijphs] [i]probably...[/i]
    If you use for folder or picture 01,02,..09 format need to use  [i]zeropad(number,2)[/i]
    [i]I use XAMPP server in example so url start with "http://localhost/"[/i]
    maybe would be best if you share link of today dummy pic..for testing...
  • Hi THANKS for reply

    Ive made a try with this but didnt seams to work ..

    Then I just put in a Btn to load the image from a full url..

    that dont work either

    I see the image in core browser url ..

    Then I read this..

    Has something changed

    I use R226


  • did you export&upload your game on server?

    Capx would help troubleshoot. Image path correct? In quotes? Same domain?

    works for me in r227..

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