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  • Hi guys, I'm trying to make a sidescrolling shooter, but I'm stuck with the weapon system. I've got 4 different weapons and the sprites are organized in that way:

    • main character (it has 2 sets of animations: run body, idle body);
    • weapon A, B, C, D (each has 3 set of animation: idle, run, fire);
    • unharmed arm complementary to single handed weapons;
    • explosion (the flame burst from the weapon, a small animation).

    I've done my best to organize the .capx, but I'm getting real crazy 'cos:

    • the one shot weapons are supposed to shot once for every time you push the button;
    • the autofire weapon are supposed to shot continously till you hold down the fire button;

    My problem is that nothing works actually :( and I when something start working the animations when a condition change don't mach (ex: if weapon is firing and it stops while moving, it will not be on "run" again).

    Anyway, here we have the .capx file.

    Could you help me in making some exemple capx or tutorial? Thank you so much guys!!!

  • I've had a look in it, and I'm a little confused as to what you're trying to do.

    I did, however, fix some of the problems. I commented the parts that I changed, except in some parts where I just deleted unnecessarily actions.


    Edit: by the way, awesome artwork!

  • Hi Brock,

    Thank you so much for your precious help!!! You've absolutely cleaned up all, I'm really grateful to you!!!

    Your comments also helped me in understanding, since it's my first time with a tool like construct. And thank you so much for adding the autofire for the mitra!!!

    The artist who made the artwork thanks you a lot for the compliment, she really appreciate it!!! I think she's really gifted ^_^

    By the way, I still have a question: as you can see, there is a problem with the animation.

    a) Pistol: when the ctrl button is released, the "run" or "idle" animation isn't on sync with the rest of the body (instead it should be like it happena on event 12 and 13. Apparently the sprite "pistol" lose it's connection point to the body or just pick up the one for the curren body frame... I honestly can't figure it out;

    b) Mitra: same stuff as for pistol, but also there is the problem about the fact that "fire" animation (for the mitra) still runs after the ctrl is released.

    Have you got an idea? I'm hitting walls with my head 'cos of it :D

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  • This is a serious question: how much do these animations matter?

    I would recommend forgetting about them, working on other stuff, and coming back to it when you're fresh.

    I'll try and look in a little closer and see what's wrong with it, in a little bit.

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