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  • I was wonder how I manage loading maps. If I have a map that uses 32x32 tiles, and is 50x50 tiles wide, that is roughly 1600x1600px. That would be the layout size for my GameScreen.

    However that is if I want a 50x50 wide level, what if I want a 25x30, and so on. How do I set the Layout width/height to that of the map file from tmx.

    Also, how do I load multiple Tilesets? Seeing as how one of my tilesets alone is roughly 711 tiles (animations).

    Thanks very much.

    Edit: Also, can I add collision using a tile property in Tiled? Like add a property or something called solid, and then make that tile solid in C2?

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  • Equinox80

    i didn`t find solution for make dinamic layouts from Tiled Editor settings.

    mulitple tilesets. First, you need to add several tilesets to editor and named it. After that make in C2 new sprite objects. Each sprite must have name as name of tileset in Tiled Editor. Add all tiles in this sprite (you can make it by importing spritesheet).

    In Tiled editor make several layers, and name it. in C2 make layout, with names as layer`s names in Editor. And yo can view help image in TMX-importer topic:

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