Does the TIZEN export still work?

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  • I'm trying to build the game, but the friggin Tizen Template example keeps overriding the game with its main.js and css. I'm not expert enough to solve this. I'm guessing the main.js decides whether the game runs or not. : /

    My hunch is if I could put some sort of code into main.js to initialize and start up index.html, the game would run. But I just don't know javascript at all, so I can't even think of anything. All it ran was from the main.js itself, just ignoring the index file entirely. : I

    window.onload = function() {

    // TODO:: Do your initialization job

    // add eventListener for tizenhwkey

    document.addEventListener('tizenhwkey', function(e) {

    if (e.keyName === "back") {

    try {


    } catch (ignore) {}



    // Sample code

    var mainPage = document.querySelector('#main');

    mainPage.addEventListener("click", function() {

    var contentText = document.querySelector('#content-text');

    contentText.innerHTML = (contentText.innerHTML === "Basic") ? "Tizen" : "Basic";



    I was being mogged by the second half of this code until I used it's nemeis "//" to disable it. . : I But now just black screen. What code could I use to bring index.html to life!?

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