Tips on tools to create sprites with?

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  • Was hoping anyone would have some tips on what software to use to create sprites. Looking for something that have a lot shapes n stuff since everything I try to draw freehand ends up looking like roadkill.

    Have tried gimp but couldn�t even figure out how to draw a simple filled circle :(

    So any suggestions would be great!!


  • Does it have to be free?

    I think photoshop (im using elements) is worth it - if you can shell out the dough. It has all of your drawing tools as well as a load of effects like shadows, light etc.

    There is unfortunately a learning curve with it - but there is plenty of resources on the net for it.

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  • I also use photoshop, It's the best of its kind!

    There is a free alternative called Gimp, But I do not like it; This is only because im used to photoshop.

    Gimp is fine if you have never used photoshop.

    I also use Flash, Flash combined with photoshop is the best!

  • ok just installed a trial of CS5.1 now I�m looking for beginner tutorials for it :)

  • This place has many great tutorials:

    They try to keep them good enough for beginners but sometimes things seem complicated when there really not.

  • To create sprites, you can use any image editor. Even Paint. I use Paint.Net, but I suck at design, anyway. <img src="smileys/smiley26.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Maybe you could try to use vectorial image editor as Inkscape, it work different as Paint, but sometimes is very usefull to draw resources for videogames.

  • I agree with SketchDeluxe Inkscape is the best and easiest app i have used so far.If you dont feel like drawing anything then you could also use Daz3d to render your characters or sprite resources.

  • From what i read basicly Photoshop or any other editor will not be what you are looking for. If creating a circle in Gimp is frustrating you i think you should not start photoshop either. Don't get me wrong, i love it, but you will need at least some patience and feel fr it to get into appz like that.

    What you seem to be asking is something with a library of premade stuff? Sothat you can use and or modify those?

    If you do still considder editors i would advice to start of with downloading a bunch of brushes and put those in the presets>brushes folder for photoshop. Those may help out a bit.. (basicly brushes are premade shapes)

  • ok thanks for all the input guys.. now I have both CS5.1 and inkscape installed.. think I?ll start testing inkscape first :)

  • I wish Scirra Construct 2 will get a ''Sprite Editor'' like Game Maker <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • An enhanced image editor is on the mythical 'To-Do" list. ;)

  • yes that would be nice! Now I�m using Flash CS5 to draw in and it works really well.. it can smooth out freehand lines and stuff

  • I have one more tool to share :)

    PhotoFiltre by Antonio Da Cruz

    The layout is quite similar to Photoshop and it has tons of functionality (layers, plugins, and much more).

    Best of all, there is a free version that has already a lot of functionality and then there is a payed version (about 25�) with so much functionality that I have not missed anything I need for my work.

    The Free Version can be found here:

  • ... If creating a circle in Gimp is frustrating you i think you should not start photoshop either ...

    Creating a circle in Photoshop is easy-peasy (Marquee tool). See this page of my Platform Tutorial for examples.

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