Tips for posting in the "How do I?" forum

    This forum is for specific questions relating to how to do certain things in Construct 2. We're running it as a small test but if it works out well we will keep it!

    Some tips to get a good response

    We are here to help! However, you can make it easier for us, which in turn helps yourself, by remembering a few key points:

    1. We want to help, but we're not here to make your game for you. It's best not to ask too much!

    2. We want to help, but we're also not telepathic. Make sure you clearly describe what you are trying to do, in terms that everyone can understand. Not everyone has played Mega Man, or whatever game you're thinking of, believe it or not. Be sure to mention which browsers you tried as well.

    3. Make an attempt yourself first. Provide a .capx of something you tried. This shows you made an effort, proving that you're not using us as a make-your-game-for-you service, and helps convey what you're trying to do as well.

    4. It can't hurt to say thanks afterwards! A lot of people here are volunteers working in their spare time to kindly offer their help. Showing appreciation is always nice, and you might even get more willing help next time!

    5. Please allow 24 hours for a response. Replying with "can't anyone help?" after 20 minutes could be misconstrued as rudeness, since it is impossible all our forum visitors could have checked the thread in that time. If you're seeing a lot of views and no replies, don't forget we commonly have more search crawlers (e.g. Google) indexing the site than real users, so the views count may be inflated.

    6. Due to heavy spam on the forum, we have to block the posting of links for new users. If your link to the .capx or image is blocked, either remove the http and www parts, or insert * characters through them, e.g.



    Need a place to put your .capx files online? Try DropBox, Google Drive or OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive).

    Will come in handy! :)

    Edited the original post with some tips on how to get the most of this forum. Hopefully this will help everyone get something useful from here!

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    Thanks for creating this subforum

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