Tips for performance optimizations in Crosswalk?

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  • I recently switched from CJS to Crosswalk and having issues with performance. In CJS I was getting constant 60fps+ across all Android devices, even slower devices with dual core and 512mb ram. After switching to Crosswalk I started getting 20FPS and sometimes lower even on quad core devices with 2gb ram. I looked into the posts on performance and optimization and noticed there were a lot things I overlooked before while building with CJS. I had a lot of things like big areas of transparency, objects being created that were not placed somewhere in the layout, every tick events that could be change to every 1 second among other things. I fixed all the issues I had that have been addressed in the posts about performance and optimization and tried a few other things like changed fullscreen scaling to low, down scaling to low, and performance is still lacking. The only particles I have are when the player dies, no loops that run during gameplay, just a player moving on a set path with the moveto plugin at between 300-400px/s, dodging static enemies. I even tried turning off all collisions and only turning them on for the player when player is x from enemy, which actually causes lag spikes right before you get to an enemy and no increase in performance. Not sure why even with all the performance killers I had in the game before I could get 60fps in CJS but Crosswalk performance is lagging. Anybody have any tips for getting more performance in Crosswalk?

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