timer on a different event sheet trouble

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  • I have a timer in my main event sheet that, when triggered, causes various sprites to appear and disappear. Working as intended.

    However, just to make things a little cleaner on my main event sheet I created a new event sheet with the timer information. I included this event sheet to my main event sheet.

    What is happening is that no matter where I place the included event sheet, my sprites are going crazy appearing and disappearing so fast that it looks like there is no timer at all.

    Can a timer work this way?

    This is what I have in my main event sheet and then created a seperate event sheet with the same information and then did an "include event sheet" onot my main one.

    ( yes, I disabled my timer info on the main sheet)


  • My best guess from what i can see in the screenshot is that its caused by Timer <= to 0, and would expect that your timer either gets stuck on 0 or lower, and therefore this keeps being true. And it will keep switching between your states. (60 times a sec) which probably explain why you say it goes crazy

  • yea, this is what it looks like when I include a timer event sheet

    Keep in mind that if this same information is included on my main event sheet, this doesn't happen.

    The graphic is just a place holder so you can see what is happening


  • If I were you I would try to run your game in Debug mode, and check the timer variable. Compare it to the main event sheet where you say it works.

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  • it's something with timer <- 0. If I disable that in my main event sheet, i get the same effect.

    I just don't understand why it would not screw up if it's on my main event sheet but screws up when it's on a seperate event sheet.

  • Got it figured out.

    had to leave "system timer <= 0" on the main event sheet

    and then have the rest of it on a seperate event sheet.

    seems to work

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