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  • I think im getting somewhere but kinda confused . i have two global variables made one for score and one for timer . but i cant seem to get this one event to work properly. What i want to do is make the player not be able to get to next level unless they make atleast 30 points or more . When i trigger the event where if they make less than the 30 points it restarts the layout that part is Great and thats what i want to happen. The problem is it triggers it before the timer even runs out instead of waiting until the timer reached zero and then take action. i would like for the game to keep running until there time run out then the approriate action take place if they will proceed to next level or not .

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  • Hi, I have not tested this just quickly threw it together but it should cover what u need I think.

    I have just tried to cover each scenario and added a comment on them, just delete whichever ones u dont want to apply

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