Timed Spawns?

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  • Basically, I've got a guitar hero style note spawner.. but as it stands it's just random so it's not in time to the backing music at all. Is there some way to time the notes or lay them out so they appear when I want them to?

    The game isn't like Guitar hero, it's just the note spawner helps power up the character in a platformer game.


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  • Anyone?

  • What you basically need is a way to trigger actions upon specified timed cues. You can use the "system---> compare 2 values" and pick the playback time.

    The thing is that C2 or HTML5 sound isn't reliable when it comes to timing or synchronizing audio. Take a look on the attached example. While I use a "All preloads complete" condition to trigger the music, it takes half a second for it to actually start. That's making syncing a tedious an unreliable task.

    Of course, you have to figure out a different system to trigger actions than the one I have on the example, because otherwise you will lost count after just a few seconds/events...

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