How do I time my moving sprite and fix timer(wait)

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  • I would like to have an image of fog spawn in from the start of layout at 6 seconds (just an example it's actually 176), it does do this but if I die before the 6 seconds then the timer(wait) will not stop and the fog will appear when my player is dead still from 6 seconds. Is there a way to stop this if I need to use a timer instead would you mind making it simple for me to understand I can't seem to find much info in the forums on making a timer on a sprite.

    Here is another way I tried but with this way the fog will not appear when I click my restart level/layout button

    Many thanks in advance this simple thing has got my in a right pickle

  • You can add a sub event to your "on start of layout" to check if the player is alive or not.

    on start of layout

    (sub event)

    Player.alive = 1- > create fog

    this way it will only create the fog if the player is alive at the start of the layout

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  • justifun thanks, pretty new to this I have a function for what happens when the player is dead how would I create the alive or sub event?

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