The time for Loading of Layout is hactic

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  • In my game,There are 15 layouts . Game Size is about 9.8 Mb.The problem is when game is opened, first time it will take great time to load. After html5 logo loading screen, it take 5 more seconds.After html5 logo loading screen, my first layout is displayed. But I cannot do any further actions on it for 5-6 seconds.After 5 -6 seconds it allows me to do any events.

    After that all running well.but problem is only in first time,when we open the game..It frustrates the users.

    what is issue ? <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I've never seen this. Can you post your .capx with details about precisely how you're exporting? (Which platform, which device, how you run it, etc.)

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  • I am currently facing the same issue ........... but in my case the game isn't loading on any browser .......... well the size of the game is only 6mb ......... where is the problem ???

  • I was also facing startup problem 10-15 seconds delay

    i have reduced it to 3-5 seconds

    When I set custom loader then this problem was happening

    but I have change custom loader to Progress Bar & Logo and set my own logo their

    Now only 3-5 seconds delay and then my progress logo appearing

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