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  • Okay I have 2 questions about 2 walls I have run into while making a side scrolling platform game in Construct 2.

    The First question is how would I add a time limit to complete the game. Also how would I make a custom clock appear visible to the player so the player knows how much time they have.

    The Second question is how to make custom attack patterns for enemies. This especially became a problem when I wanted to design a boss battle. I just want to make enemies like Mega Man games where they have a set pattern or can attack at random.

    I know I'm asking a lot but, I really need a lot a help for my project as I was stuck with both the programming and the designing when a member of my team stopped attending class. Thanks in advance!

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  • There's several ways to create a boss attack pattern.

    One is to brute force it and simply create a series of events to take place one after another. EG: move 100 units forwards, play attack animation, move 10 unites back, heal, etc.

    The other is to break each attack/movement/powerup into seperate event groups, then use a main event to trigger enable each group as needed.

    eg: you have a group that has events that move your boss forwards then attack.

    call this group "basic attack" and disable it.

    Then in your main event, once the player gets to the boss area, enable the "basic attack" group. This also allows you to randomize the smaller sets of attack patterns as well (eg: if he's less than 20% health).

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