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  • Asked this in a post about something else but thought it might stand out a bit as its own,so.

    I have a question about tiling. I have put a background layer of stars (for paralax) Then 2 more layers for platforms (for 3d look). My stage is around 5000x5000 pixels (including the platforms layer which is one solid piece as a background behaviour). I know this is too big to run well, and wont display in some browsers (mobile in particular).

    What is the best way to split into tiles? Would I just use photoshop (my mainstay app) to cut into say 1024x1024 tiles and then just line them up in Construct 2? If so what is the best way to get perfect alignment? And how will this effect how the level is displayed and accessed by resources?

    Do I have the whole tile thing completely wrong or is this the way it is done?


  • I really want to help you here, but I can't quite understand your problem :S

    If you want a tiled background shouldn't it be enough to add a tiled background? (double click on the layout and select add Tiled Background)

  • Hi, my background int made up of tileable pieces, it is one solid image that is about 5000x5000 pixels in size. If I add this image using the "tiled background" behaviour it says:

    "Imported image is very large (5000x5000), images with a width or height over 1024 pixels may not be supported on all systems. Consider cutting the image into tiles."

    SO I dont really want it to be broken up, and I don't want to build it out of pieces, so wondering how best to get around the size limitation.

    hope that makes sense.


  • The maximum size that will work everywhere is more like 2048x2048 actually these days. So you can cut it up in to a few tiles that size. You should enable Pixel Rounding in project properties to prevent seams appearing along the edges of the tiles, and that should be it.

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  • Awesome, thank you very much, surprised you find the time to answer little questions like this when your developing the thing, surprised and impressed.

    And considering my stage is not exactly a power of 2 (5000x5000), it would be better to shrink it to 4096x4096? or does power of 2 not matter with background images?

    Cheers Ashley

  • It would definitely make sense to shrink it to 4096x4096, simply because then you only need 4 tiles at 2048x2048 - at 5000x5000 you'd need another 5 tiles just for the edge bits which is probably going to be a pain.

  • Thanks mate, good to know you patrol these forums. Looking forward to putting my game out (only a level probably), and getting some feedback on the visual style.


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