How do I make tiles/platforms swap colors/tiles when touched

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  • Hello there

    Fairly new to construct 2. I've gone through a few of the beginners tutorials so far but definitely still in the noob zone. I'm trying to make something where the tiles/platforms change colors when the player sprite lands on one or moves across it. Think Q-bert or miner 2049er

    Video for reference:

    So far my plan is to make the tiles/platforms the same width of the player sprite so as he/she runs across, the colors change to another without changing an area larger than the player (similar to the video I posted). I'm not sure what commands there are to make this happen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I tried searching for a Q-bert style game made in construct 2 but wasn't able to find any.

    Thanks for reading


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  • A simple overlapping at offset condition could do this..

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