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  • Hi There!

    It's not really a Construct specific question, although i'm planning on building my game in the engine. I want it to have kind of an old school, horror Adventure look (in the Clock Tower/Ghouls and Goblins SNES vein) and thought about using a resolution of 320x200.

    Now, while i'm a decent artist, i have NO experience at creating tilesets. I only know about the common sizes like 8x8, 16x16 and 32x 32. My question is, what size would you recommend for my proposed resolution? I guess the bigger the resolution, the bigger the tile sizes so i thought about 16 x 16?

    Another question would be about upscaling. To get the retro look i think a lot of games double the size of the actual game compared to the size they created the assets in. So in this case the game should run at 640 x 400. How should i do this in Construct? Just scale up the tiles and other things x 2? Does Construct automatically anti alias it? Can i turn this off somewhere?

    Also, i don't know if it's allowed, but i posted a question about my inventory system in the beginner's section, but maybe it's already too advanced for that part of the forum. I'm planning on letting the character carry only one object which he drops, when you pick up another object. You can find the thread in the beginner's section. I can't post direct URL's yet, but it's still there on the first page called "Inventory with only ONE object".

    If anyone could help me out a little with some hints, i'd be very grateful!

    Thank you so much.

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