Tilesets in Construct 2 ?

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  • Hey there! Pixoshiru speaking!

    I'm new to Construct 2 and still in the process of going through the whole forum, but allow me to try saving some of my time by taking the risk of asking a possibly already covered question :

    Is there a way to use tilesets in Construct2?

    I believe it is in Construct Classic (although through plug-ins, if I understood correctly) and I was wondering if it was in C2.

    Aside from that, I really enjoy my time with the engine so far and hope to post some playable stuff of my own in a decently near future!


  • I think you are referring to loading tile frames, right? On CC you can use TiledBackground and load the image from an external file, and then position it. This is nice because you can have one image containing the entire tileset.

    But on C2 you will have to use sprites, where each frame is a tile, and then set the current frame via events. This can be a lot of work, since each frame holds only one tile

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  • We're hoping to improve this in future, but for now you can:

    • 'import sprite strip' in the animation editor to import a tile map as animation frames
    • set the animation speed to 0
    • enable 'snap to grid' (ribbon View tab)
    • ctrl+drag to make new tiles, and use the 'initial frame' property to switch tile.
  • I think the way to use tileset in c2, is to import your tileset via the "import sprite strip..." option and split them accrodingly.

    You can then use animation frame, in the eventuality you want to make Array-based level maps.

    Array.at(10,25) = 2 would mean that you would create a sprite at 10,25 (* cellSize eventually) and it's animation frame would be 2.

  • Yeah currently that's the best way. Making your own tile editor in Classic or maybe C2 that exports the map as array and then importing. I can't think of a better way right now.

  • Thank you all for your answers!! I'll look into all of that!

  • An idea to make this alot easier, A tool to crop out animated frames from an imported sprite strip ... simply select tool, crop to desired area, confirm and a new animated frame is made, the original frame is not edited atall ...

    would be a pretty powerful feature I think :)

  • ahostbr

    I think the "import sprite strip" does the work well.

    We were told in the blog that some new feature would be available soon for the image editor. In cc you could select an area and then Ctrl+C, change frame, Ctrl+V. Seems to be what you described

  • I can simply use GameMaker HTML5 to replace the tileset editor :D

    i made level with GameMaker HTML5 room editor based on tilesets, than I made an empty object in game maker before import them to C2 (because C2 can't import GMX project without any objects, hope Ashley will remove this check, it's unnecessary) than It's works !! this only require GameMaker HTML5. <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32615680/c2GMX.jpg" border="0" />

  • That.... looks... cool... and yet.. irritating.. :P Whatever works for you haha! I came to a severe halt with developing my game since I am a programmer not a spriter. However, I started new using all terraria graphics until I can get my friend to sprite for me. Already made me a nice set of armor, so yeah.

    Shame about non-functional tilesets though.

  • I recomend use:

    Tile Map editor:


    with the plugin tmx importer:

    Tmx importer

    is made by user rexrainbow and he goes to update for use with the cooconjs also.

  • Damn that rexrainbow! Who the heck is he!! He owns all of the plugins/behaviours that I am using haha. Damn I want his experience with Construct..

    I'll try these thanks very much, although I am working on a World Generation system, which of COURSE I will share with everybody :)

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