Tiles.png not in spritepack?

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  • I literally just downloaded construct 2 and I was reading through Ashley's guide on how to make a platform game. It was going very well until I got to the part where I have to open up sprites and select Tiles.png.

    I follow the instructions but there isn't anything by that name in anything I got related to construct 2. It then tells me to cut it into 12x12 tiles or something but I can't even find the picture.

    Where should it be? What can I do if it's not there for some reason?

  • The pack used for the "how to make a platform game" tutorial is part of the assets pack you get when buying a license for construct2.

    Use your own sprites/textures to keep up with the tutorial.

    This very part of the tutorial allows you to import a sprite-sheet (different frames all saved in a single image file, and automatically "cut" by C2 when importing the image).

    If you don't have the same assets, just use assets you can find on the internet or in the Tools/resources forum.

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  • Ok, it looks like it worked. Thanks a lot.

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